Travel itinerary

I draft spreadsheets, each
detail a talismanic
ward of protection.

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Wild child at 86

She shares her story
of youthful risks. Wants my thoughts.
Jesus, you’re still nuts.

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Fork scrapes styrofoam,
a sound that grates my nerves. I’d
rather cook myself.

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Over the holidays

Ate bad stuff. Gained weight.
Hate myself. Still, I think, There’s
always tomorrow…

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Poor business decision

I quit my job to
work on my haiku blog. Chance
of millions, slim / none.

Dishwasher repair guy

Olive pits. Glass shards.
Bent straw. He warns, It’s not a
garbage disposal…

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New year’s resolution

Why bother vowing
change when you’re satisfied with
your lazy-ass self?

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Snow blind

Spiraling flakes, like
small hands opening wide, feel
their way down to earth.


You still up? Dude, it’s
not like the internet won’t
be there tomorrow.