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Nearby, a mother
pokes at her salad while her
sons push food around .

Malted milk eggs, Peeps,
solid bunnies (eaten ears
first) hide in fake grass.

Expected to know
all the dishes, servers eat
the entire menu.

Panera’s didn’t
call, nor Applebee’s. Rejec-
tion’s hard at sixteen.

such a sweet ride they
didn’t want to leave so they
did Wendy’s drive-thru

All around it, the
town is dead. Pity the poor
taken investors.

Like cows with their cud
we would chew constantly, and
then we’d all swallow.

One piece would last for
hours and have few calories.
(I’m working on it.)

Shopped a membership
warehouse store today. Got six
years’ worth of ketchup.

Vegans, stay away,
lest your firm resolve melt from
tender smoked brisket.

I eat meat because
it’s Texas. Tender steak like
beef cotton candy.

Bergamot infused
leaves unfurl comfort. Problems
dissipate like steam.

They walk the carpet.
We eat takeout Chinese and
scream for our favorites.

After the illness
taste dulls on the tongue, food just
fuel to run this husk.

Some people like to
cook. Then there’s me who dreads that
thing called dinner hour.

Final dinner at
Duggan’s Reef. Whiskey lobster
and desserts delight.

Through the rainforest.
Lunch at Rhythms Rainbow Beach,
then Carambola.

Lazy day, lazy
night.  Dinner at seven with
turkey and plantains.

Nut brown ale. Oatmeal
stout. Bayside, we eat gumbo,
salads, tan through lunch.

Cheeseburger joint with
singer grateful for applause.
Relaxed crowd, staff slow.

Green flash at Sunset
Grill on Sprat Hall Beach. Then dined
in lush tropic style.

At Schooner Bay, iced
tea – 60 cents at Big Lots –
is nearly three bucks.

Island band’s Christmas
tunes with a reggae twist our
dinner serenade.

Cruzan pineapple
flavored rum makes happy hour
even happier.

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